In the future, an indispensable attribute to keeping up with market competition is intellectual property. If we obtain a patent for an invention or a design, we will have the right to prevent others from using such invention or design, or grant the right of use to make profits in the whole market.

Few people truly understand the intellectual property: What is the difference between free use and patent license? Why do we need the patent system? Is it designed for protecting my monopoly of product? Can I utilize or sell my product freely? Should we grant our competitors the right to use our patent?

Dr. Harvey, former CEO of BTG and former chairman of UK Intellectual Property Institute will be invited for you to introduce not only various forms of patents but also new business models generated by the intellectual property transfer, which will no doubt lead you to inspirations and profound thoughts.

Introduction of Topic IP in its various forms of patents, copyright, designs and trademarks is fundamental to most businesses today. Get it wrong and your business can quickly be destroyed, Get it right, and your business has a strong base to build a real and valuable competitive position. This lecture explains how IP has been fundamental in creating our world today and provides a brief business introduction to each of the main forms of IP. It also provides some simple do’s and dont’s for the starting entrepreneur. On September 26th from 18:30 to 20:30, in Room 101,Shunde Building,School of Economics and Tsinghua University. Ian Harvey, former CEO of BTG and former chairman for UK Intellectual Property Institute, is sharing his rich experience with you!


Innovation and new Business :
Competitive advantage using Intellectual Property

Tsinghua x-lab

Dr. Ian Harvey

Thursday 18:30—20:30 pm, September 26, 2013

Room 101,Shunde Building,School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University.

主讲人(About the Speaker):

Ian Harvey is an engineer who worked in the chemical and aerospace industries before an MBA from Harvard Business School. After working for the World Bank in Asia and Africa he was CEO of BTG, the world’s largest and most successful technology transfer company from 1985 to 2004. Meanwhile, during 1999-2011, Ian served as chairman of UK Intellectual Property Institute. He has wide international experience in business and intellectual property issues.



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