Tsinghua x-lab is aimed at the establishment of a feasible education system based on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The Great Ideas Innovation Challenge (formerly Creative Optimization Practice Competition and Campus Optimization Competition) started in 2011 and is a branded competition with high popularity and high participation rate. This project is open to all students at Tsinghua University, and is aimed to encourage students to capture the creative inspiration around them, actively develop and practice them under the guidance of tutors and experts inside and outside the university.

The Great Ideas Innovation Challenge 2022 covers five tracks, including:

  • Future Transportation,

  • Sustainable Community and Urban Development

  • Information Technology

  • Health Care

  • Arts and Culture. 

Students registered for the target track in groups of 5 or less and  developed ideas into prototypes. Shortlisted groups after registration will participate in course training and mentoring. The teams that rank in the finals will receive different amounts of prize. Other benefits include Challenger certificates and internship opportunities and more.

At the same time, we also sincerely invite and encourage participating teams to register on Tsinghua x-lab platform, so to further optimize and expand product prototypes, and seek the possibility of product maturity and commercialization.