Programme Introduction

Tsinghua University has set up the Academic and Career Development Ability Improvement Programme for graduate students, which aims to enhance students' innovation ability through cross-disciplinary collaboration with better combination between academic and career development through business practice activities. It is dedicated to cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents for the country and advancing the nation’s strategy of development through innovation.

Tsinghua Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate Programme is the firstly launched Ability Improvement Programme. It was jointly designed by the Graduate School, the School of Economics and Management, organized and implemented by Tsinghua x-lab.



Programme Features

1. The programme has a high degree of freedom of course selection, and there are no restrictions on semesters and academic years. After completing the required credits and passing the grades, you can apply for a project completion certificate jointly issued by the Graduate School of Tsinghua University and the School of Economics and Management.

2. The project pursues the realization of interdisciplinary, integrated innovation, and aims to guide students to complete necessary cross-border learning. With the advantage of Tsinghua x-lab interdisciplinary resources, students can improve their knowledge system and innovative thinking at the same time.

3. The project aims to strengthen the overall quality and practical ability of students, and cultivate future leaders with international vision and high sense of social responsibility, as well as professional knowledge and entrepreneurial ability. Tsinghua x-lab provides innovative and entrepreneurial practice activities for students, integrating multi-field courses, trainings and workshops to help students apply what they have learned and contribute to society.

4. Students who complete the project and obtain a certificate have the opportunity to receive the support from project-specific scholarship and MOOC certificate fee.



Registration Requirement

This programme is mainly open to graduate students at Tsinghua University. Undergraduate students are also welcome to participate.

Optional Courses

Module 1: Discovering Opportunities and Improving Personal Ability (7 courses to choose)

Module 2: Solutions (25 courses to choose)

Module 3: Building a Business (12 courses to choose)



Programme Completion

Completion of the programme requires at least 8 credits of courses. Among them: students must obtain 2 or more credits in the first module Discovering Opportunities and Personal Ability Improvement, 3 or more credits in the second module Solution, and 3 credits in the third module Building a Business. 3 credits or more. The maximum number of years of study is the number of academic years of the student's major.



Other Practical Exchange Sessions and Project Alternative Courses

Social practice activities: including field research organized by X-lab, social practice, workshops, entrepreneurship marathon, enterprise innovation training camp and Innovate48, etc.

Programme alternative courses: from the Department of Electronic Engineering, MEM programme, and courses related to artificial intelligence innovation and entrepreneurship in the Basic Training Centre.



Certificate Issuance:

From September to October every year, students can submit a graduation application, and students who complete the project requirements will receive the Tsinghua University Student Innovation Enhancement Certificate jointly issued by the Graduate School of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua x-lab. Students who have graduated in the current year can submit a graduation application in the first September to October after graduation.



Registration method and process:

From July to September every year, x-lab publishes the project admissions brochure. Please visit the Tsinghua x-lab official website project page for project registration.

After registration, the project team will review the registration of students. Those who pass the primary selection will receive a confirmation email from the project team, a course selection list and a score card for the students' innovation improvement project in August and September. According to the time of course selection and requirements of Tsinghua University, students can choose the courses of module 1, module 2 or module 3 of the project.



More information:

For inquiries, please contact: Tsinghua x-lab Education Section: Mrs. Sun (Tel: 62796313, Email: