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Resources and support: x-lab offers its members a wide array of resources and support services, including mentoring by industry and financial experts, professional consultancy in the legal and design areas, access to x-lab educational and training events, access to x-lab online resources and uploaded educational material, legal support documentation and best practices guides, evaluation and follow-up consultancy meetings with x-lab personnel trained in business, law and design and free use of the x-lab work space. 

Some of the activities we hold are open to all, and some are reserved for registered x-lab projects:

a) Activities and resources open to all (with or without a registered project):

  • Tsinghua courses in collaboration with x-lab
  • Educational events – seminars, talks, salons
  • x-lab events such as creativity and innovation competitions and conferences
  • The annual President’s Innovation Challenge competition presentations

b) Activities and resources available to members of registered projects:

  • Professional one-on-team consultation sessions with legal, intellectual property and design professionals
  • Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and Angels-in-Residence consultation sessions
  • Training events, such as specialized workshops, company visits, start-up weekend event and the top-10 competition
  • Assistance in recruiting team members and building a team
  • Assistance in participation in targeted competitions, such as business plan competitions 
  • Project presentations and exhibitions to special interest groups
  • Participation in specialized programs for select x-lab teams such as the Accelerator Program
  • Networking events with the x-lab entrepreneur and mentor community
  • Company registration under the TusPark incubator address
  • Free use of the x-lab workspace

Raising capital and expert mentoring: x-lab helps project teams secure funding by matching projects with interested investors and organizing project exhibitions for potential investors. It also holds periodic EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) and AIR (Angel-in-Residence) consultation sessions for teams, partnering up the teams with leading industry experts from China and abroad. 

Legal consultation: Tal Badt, the manager of the Intellectual Property Center, meets regularly with x-lab entrepreneurs to discuss legal issues, mostly regarding IP, but also in connection with other commercial matters. Tal also organizes IP educational and training events - most of which are open to all. For more information please contact Tal at t_badt.11@sem.tsinghua.edu.cn.

Design consultation: The United Design Center, managed by Dr. Jiayu Wu, holds educational seminars, workshops and consultation sessions by industry practitioners in connection with design, incorporation of design thinking in the business model, and more. For more information please contact Dr. Jiayu Wu at wujy3@sem.tsinghua.edu.cn. 

Company registration: x-lab helps teams register their companies under the TusPark incubator address free of charge. Interested teams may contact Jing Jing Wang, the Project Nurturing Manager (contact: +86-10- 62781761; wangjj3@sem.tsinghua.edu.cn), and she will recommend the team to the TusPark incubator which is our strategic partner and responsible for the actual registration. The use of the TusPark address is decided on a case-by-case basis.


*For more information about the full range of services, available resources, events and specific content available to x-lab teams, please go to www.x-lab.tsinghua.edu.cn.

Thank you for supporting Tsinghua x-lab!

Before signing up please confirm that at least one of your team's key member/s is a Tsinghua student, alumnus or faculty.