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*for access to the United Design Center's resources, click on the heading above, and go to 清华x-lab联合设计中心.

Wu Jiayu – Head of United Design Centerwujy3@sem.tsinghua.edu.cn. Wu Jiayu owns a doctor in Design, is an expert on service design, interaction design, and design strategy. She can provide the consultation on User Study, User Experience Design, Prototype Design, Visual Communication Design.

About United Design Center: In order to better drive x-lab entrepreneurs’ innovation and creativity through nurturing, integrated thinking and experiential learning, x-lab launched the United Design Center in April 2014. The United Design Center’s mission is to integrate design thinking into the project nurturing system and reinforce the competitiveness of the innovation driven entrepreneurial projects.

To accomplish its goals, x-lab United Design Center brings together resources both from the academia and industry - experts and the practitioners who have successfully applied design thinking to their product offering and business, and continue to do so. Together with the Academy of Arts and Design, x-lab United Design Center aims to improve the project nurturing system by sponsoring courses, lectures, and workshops, and providing one-on-one consultation and mentoring sessions to ex-lab entrepreneurs. The United Design Center also explores a new model for placing design interns with the entrepreneurial teams to work alongside the professional in mentors.

Resources and services:

  • United Design Center Residing Expert Members:
  • Liu Xin: Department of Industrial Design, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Sustainability Design
  • Wang Guosheng: Department of Industrial Design, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Design Management & Service Design
  • Chen Lei: Department of Visual Communication Design, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Visual Communication Design
  • Nie Ying: Department of Environmental Design, AAD, Environmental Design
  • Chen Fang: Partner, The Cocktail, Service Design
  • Wang Xia: CEO, Noah Cloud Technology, Big Data & User Experience
  • Lu Yinyan: Partner, Showay, Brand Management Specialist
  • Cai Ming: Lenovo, User Experience Manager
  • Christopher Kirwan:Brand Director, Rainwood Group, Brand Strategy & Energy innovation
  • Cui Xingjian: New Media Project Manager, Rainwood Group, Urban Media Design
  • Russell Haines:Design Director, Memory, Product & Visual Design
  • Wu Lin: Design Director, Service Design & Research Institute, AAD, Game and Animation Design

Open Consultation Time: Every Thursday afternoon, 14:00-16:50 at the x-lab work space.

Please email wujy3@sem.tsinghua.edu.cn confirming the consultation time by Wednesday 11:00 am and attend the meeting on time. For additional information please contact Dr. Wu Jiayu.

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Before signing up please confirm that at least one of your team's key member/s is a Tsinghua student, alumnus or faculty.