x-lab Intellectual Property and Legal Center

*for access to the IP and Legal Center's resources, click on the heading above, and go to 清华x-lab知识产权与法律事务中心.

Tal Badt - Head of the IP and Legal Center, is a licensed IP and commercial law attorney and a Tsinghua MBA gradute. She provides consultation to x-lab entrepreneurs on IP and commercial law related matters, as well as corporate strategy. For additional information, please contact Tal at t_badt.11@sem.tsinghua.edu.cn.

IP and Legal Center Mission: In today’s global business environment, understanding intellectual property and safeguarding one’s rights is imperative for companies to remain competitive and sustainable in China and globally. The creation and effective use of strong IP rights – particularly patents (to capitalize on innovation), trademarks (to create brands), designs and copyright (to safeguard software and original works) - are essential in today’s world if innovation is to be effective and open. The IP Center aims to help x-lab members and Tsinghua students, faculty and alumni use IP as a strategic tool and value generator.

Resources and Services:

Mentoring: We collaborate with companies such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM and with leading IP firms such as Rouse,     Sanyou, Peksung, etc. to provide x-lab entrepreneurs with guidance throughout the development stages of their     projects. We will issue emails per specific mentoring event with the details. Please also check the notices on the x-lab site.

Legal services: We collaborate with leading IP firms who are committed to guiding and helping x-lab entrepreneurs with their IP needs. These firms have agreed to provide a first consultation session free of charge, and have also provided us with discounted rates for IP services especially for x-lab members. The list of partner firms and the list of fees per firm is available online for registered members.

Legal issues Follow-Up: The IP Center also provides continued support to all members throughout the life stages of their entrepreneurial project. We hold regular evaluation sessions with teams to help them understand their IP status, analyze risks, and deal with problems. The evaluation sessions are held in English with an option for Chinese translation support. Teams will be contacted by x-lab management to undergo evaluation, and will be required to submit a questionnaire before the meeting in order to afford x-lab with current information about the project. All the information will be kept confidential. 

Office Hours: We will be available to answer any question and provide guidance at our weekly office hours: Friday from 2-4 pm. Please contact us via email or phone beforehand to confirm the meeting or if you would like to schedule a meeting some other time.

The IP Center's uploaded online material (i.e. agreement templates, IP firms contact information and fee lists, etc.) is available to registered teams only. For access you can click on the heading at the top of the page, or visit http://www.x-lab.tsinghua.edu.cn and:

  1. Log in with your username and password
  2. Go to Nurturing (培育)
  3. Click project support (项目支持)
  4. Select documentation (资料库) - it is the second to last item at the bottom of the page
  5. Choose Intellectual Property and Legal issues (知识产权与法律事务) - it is the last item on the right hand column.

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