Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is x-lab?
  2. Facts and figures
  3. How can I be part of x-lab?
  4. Can exchange students at Tsinghua join x-lab?
  5. Where is the x-lab work space?
  6. Can I join the mailing list?
  7. What are the stages I need to go through to register a project with x-lab?
  8. Do I need a team to register a project with x-lab and use its resources?
  9. Do I need to have a project in order to participate in x-lab activities?
  10. Can I join existing projects?
  11. Can foreigners join x-lab? Are all the activities and resources in Chinese? How do I overcome the language barrier, and who do I contact to get started?
  12. What kind of activities and support does x-lab offer?
  13. What kind of mentoring, resources and support does x-lab offer?
  14. Registering a company
  15. Who does x-lab seek for potential collaboration?
  16. Types of institutional involvement


x-lab basic facts

1. What is x-lab?

Tsinghua x-lab is a university-based education platform designed to foster student creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. It brings together Tsinghua students, faculty, alumni, experienced entrepreneurs, investors and experts from across society. For more information please go to join our WeChat at: Tsinghua-x-lab or scan the below QR code:

2. Facts and figures

  1. How many members does x-lab have? More than 330 registered project teams; over 4,500 participants attending x-lab open activities, such as talks and seminars.
  2. How many projects have received funding? As of July 2014, more than 20 project teams have received seed or start-up funding.
  3. How many groups have registered companies? As of June 2014, over 90 project teams have registered companies.
  4. What are the industries that x-lab projects address? Tsinghua x-lab projects are not limited to any industry, but the following are highly represented: Technology-Media-Telecom (TMT), healthcare and medical devices, manufacturing, social innovation, education, environment and energy.

3. How can I be part of x-lab?

  1. All Tsinghua students, faculty and alumni can participate in x-lab’s open educational activities for free. Look out for events posted on Tsinghua x-lab Wechat: Tsinghua-x-lab and across campus, you may also check our calendar for latest events
  2. Students, alumni and faculty who would like to propose a project can submit an application through x-lab’s official website. Please note that a registration prerequisite is having at least one core team member who is a Tsinghua student, alumnus or faculty member. Registered project teams have access to a wide array of supporting resources and services, as described below.
  3. External parties from all industries, including corporations, venture capital and investment firms, media and professional service providers can join x-lab as mentors, consultants or sponsors.

4. Can exchange students at Tsinghua join x-lab?

Exchange students can not register projects with x-lab, but can attend x-lab open activities. Please visit the x-lab site and check our calendar for upcoming events.

5. Where is the x-lab work space?

The x-lab work space address is: Tsinghua University Science Park (Tuspark), Science Park Tower B (SP Tower B), B1 floor, room 101. 

6. Can I join the mailing list?

You can follow the x-lab WeChat account via ‘Tsinghua-x-lab’ and subscribe to our newsletter or visit our site – or check the latest events and activities.


For students and project teams bringing a project to x-lab

7. What are the stages I need to go through to register a project with x-lab?

  1. Application - Please enter and go to the ‘Membership’ sub-category to complete the application form. You will need to input information about the project and the team members.
  2. New project review session - After your application is received, you will be contacted to join a new project review session. Sessions are held on a weekly basis. You will make a 5 minute presentation to the x-lab Project Review Panel. Please feel free to contact Sophie Zheng at for more information. 

8. Do I need a team to register a project with x-lab and use its resources?

You do not have to have a team to register a project. The x-lab can help you find team members matching your project needs. That can be discussed with the Review Panel and x-lab staff.

9. Do I need to have a project in order to participate in x-lab activities?

No. You are welcome to participate in our open educational activities. Please join our WeChat group or check the website for information on upcoming events. Once you have a specific project in mind, you can apply to register the project with x-lab and enjoy additional support resources and services. 

10. Can I join existing projects?

Yes. Some teams are actively looking for members, and x-lab can help make the connection. Please contact Sophie Zheng at for more information.

11. Can foreigners join x-lab? Are all the activities and resources in Chinese? How do I overcome the language barrier, and who do I contact to get started?

Yes, foreigners can register projects with x-lab as long as at least one of the core team members is a full time Tsinghua student, alumnus or faculty member. While most activities and resources are in Chinese, some are also in English. The language used for an event is mentioned in the event notice. For more information on other resources and availability please contact Sophie Zheng at 


Mentoring and support

12. What kind of activities and support does x-lab offer?

a) Activities and resources open to all (with or without a registered project):

  • Tsinghua courses in collaboration with x-lab
  • Educational events - seminars, talks, salons
  • x-lab events such as creativity and innovation competitions and conferences
  • The annual President's Innovation Challenge competition presentations

b) Activities and resources available to members of registered projects:

  • Professional one-on-team consultation sessions with legal, intellectual property and design professionals
  • Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and Angels-in-Residence consultation sessions
  • Training events, such as specialized workshops, company visits, start-up weekend event and the top-10 competition
  • Assistance in recruiting team members and building a team
  • Assistance in participation in targeted competitions, such as business plan competitions 
  • Project presentations and exhibitions to special interest groups
  • Participation in specialized programs for select x-lab teams such as the Accelerator Program
  • Networking events with the x-lab entrepreneur and mentor community
  • Company registration under the TusPark incubator address
  • Free use of the x-lab workspace

13. What kind of mentoring, resources and support does x-lab offer?

x-lab offers its members a wide array of resources and support services, including mentoring by industry and financial experts, professional consultancy in the legal and design areas, access to x-lab educational and training events, access to x-lab online resources and uploaded educational material, legal support documentation and best practices guides, evaluation and follow-up consultancy meetings with x-lab personnel trained in business, law and design and free use of the x-lab work space.

  • Can I get funding for my projects?

x-lab helps project teams secure funding by matching projects with interested investors and organizing project exhibitions for potential investors. 

  • Can I get advice from entrepreneurs and angel investors?

Yes. x-lab holds periodic EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) and AIR (Angel-in-Residence) consultation sessions for teams. Details (date, time, participants, etc.) are sent to all x-lab members by email and are posted on the x-lab site.

  • Can I get access to market information?

Yes. Some industry mentors are happy to share market information and give advice about market trends. Specific questions can be addressed during the mentoring sessions. Teams are encouraged to sign up in advance and secure a time slot for one-on-team counselling or participate in the larger group mentoring sessions.

  • Can I get legal advice?

Tal Badt – Manager of the Intellectual Property Center, meets regularly with x-lab entrepreneurs to discuss legal issues, mostly regarding IP, but also about corporate matters (

The Intellectual Property Center also works with a pool of IP and legal professionals. These firms offer x-lab members discounted rates and have agreed to provide the first consultation session free of charge. The list of the firms and the contact information is posted on the x-lab website under Resources and Services. We strongly recommend consulting with legal professionals in addition to any advice or recommendation you receive from x-lab personnel, mentors or through educational events.

Note: All documents available to x-lab members on the x-lab site are not and should not be construed as legal advice. The information is made available to x-lab members only for the purpose of general reference. Any use of this information is made at the user's sole responsibility, and x-lab and any and all x-lab personnel shall not be held liable for any consequences that may arise of using said information and any relating documents. All legal documents herein do not warrant or represent to be made in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China, and using them is solely at the discretion and responsibility of the user.

  • How do I maintain the confidentiality of my ideas?

Use a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when discussing sensitive and confidential information with any third party (i.e. potential business partner, investor, etc.). Sample NDAs are available at the x-lab site for registered projects only. Additionally, do not leave any personal belongings at the x-lab work space, including computers and notes (whether written on paper or on the walls). For more information about the importance of confidentiality and the consequences of confidentiality breach, please review the confidentiality guide available with the additional IP materials on the x-lab site, for registered projects only.

  • Can I get advice and training on design related aspects?

Yes. The United Design Center, managed by Dr. Jiayu Wu holds educational seminars, workshops and consultation sessions by industry practitioners in connection with design, incorporation of design thinking in the business model, and more. For more information please contact Dr. Jiayu Wu at

  • Can x-lab help me with the manufacture of a prototype?

Yes. x-lab has a work space at the 3rd floor of the Tsinghua Fundamental Industry Training Centre, and there is a manufacturing workshop on the ground floor to help with prototyping.

14. Registering a company

  • Can I register a company using Tsinghua x-lab work space address as the official business address?

Yes. Some x-lab teams register their companies under the TusPark incubator address free of charge. Interested teams should contact Jing Jing Wang, the Project Nurturing Manager (contact: +86-10- 62781761;, and she will recommend the team to the TusPark incubator which is our strategic partner and responsible for the actual registration. The use of the TusPark address is decided on a case-by-case basis.

  • Can a foreigner register a company using TusPark as the official business address?

Generally yes, though there may be legal restrictions on certain businesses and depending on the company ownership scheme. The issue needs to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Does x-lab provide information about company registration in China?

Tsinghua x-lab offers company registration guidelines for x-lab entrepreneurs. All information is available online at the x-lab site, under the nurturing section. Please note that the legal requirements for foreigners may vary. The information is available to x-lab members only.

  • Who do I talk to about registering a company using TusPark’s address?

For more information about company registration, please contact Project Nurturing Manager Ms. Jing Jing Wang, or +86-10-627 81761. 


Potential sponsors, mentors, media and professional service providers 

15. Who does x-lab seek for potential collaboration?

Tsinghua x-lab is always looking to further extend its network and find new partners Being an innovation platform, with a wide array of entrepreneurial projects at all stages of development -. From seed to commercial operation - we look to establish mutually beneficial relationships with venture capital firms, incubators, corporations in all fields (especially in IT, medical devices, clean-tech, advanced manufacturing, education and tourism), not-for-profit and for-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, research and other institutions, and universities and other providers of professional service providers (especially in the legal and design areas), innovation and entrepreneurship educational programs.

16. Types of institutional involvement:

  • How can we get involved with x-lab?

x-lab is a non-profit innovation platform that relies solely on sponsorship. As such, we are always on the lookout for additional institutional sponsors to support and expand our services, support daily operation of the lab, and to hold special events (competitions, seminars, workshops, etc.). We believe in close collaboration with our partners and welcome additional mentors to work with our teams and provide periodic support and guidance, as well as professional service providers to help x-lab entrepreneurs with their intellectual property, legal, marketing, finance, design and other needs.

  • Can we choose to sponsor a particular activity, program or center?

Yes. Generally we prefer to maintain flexibility in using donated funds according to the x-lab’s needs. However, we can accommodate specific requests and are happy to target specific programs or activities which may be of particular interest and for which you feel you can actively contribute.

  • Are x-lab donations tax deductible?

Yes. If you’d like to receive a tax invoice for the donation, please let us know in advance. We will process the donation through the Tsinghua Education Donation Fund, which can issue such invoice.

  • Who do we talk with to learn more and possibly join as a sponsor, mentor or service provider?

Please contact Ms. Sophie Zheng - Manager of Academic & International Affairs - at or +86-010- 62784955 for more information. Ms. Zheng can provide you with preliminary information about the program and will then refer you to the person in charge according to your needs.

Thank you for supporting Tsinghua x-lab!

Before signing up please confirm that at least one of your team's key member/s is a Tsinghua student, alumnus or faculty.