David vs. Goliath - startup competition against industry giants 大卫与巨人:初创企业对战行业巨头

David vs. Goliath -  startup competition against industry giants



Your technology, your brand, the network you build and your know-how are all key to your success – whether building a successful company or making a profitable exit. But how do you compete on a global scale? How do you deal with industry giants? We will bring two leading IP experts, who come from business and work with Silicon Valley startups to lead a special seminar on the do’s and don’ts for startups looking to establish global competitiveness.


Instead of academic theory, we’ll get you out of your seat and engaging actively to understand a dozen real life case studies, demonstrating how real clients successfully competed against industry giants or how they’ve failed and what can be learned from that. Our experts will teach startups how to use IP to: (1) enhance competitiveness; (2) prevent competitors from copying; and (3) increase the market value of their company.


After the seminar you will have a set of one-on-one clinics with our experts on patents and branding. The sessions will be held in English, but we will also have experts to offer consultancy in Chinese. Students and guests will be able to sign up on site for the clinics.


When? Monday, June 5, 2017, 4 pm


Where? x-lab space, TusPark, SP Tower B, B1 floor, right from the cafeteria.


Language: English (with an option for a clinic consultation in Chinese)


Who are our experts?




On Lu, M.B.A.


San Francisco Office

On Lu,工商管理学硕士





oN leverages ten years of extensive litigation experience to assist clients in protecting and monetizing their IP.

He has represented several dozens of Asian companies in complex, multi-party patent and trademark litigation before the ITC, and in federal district courts in the U.S.  He recently won a unanimous (90-minute) jury verdict in a Texas federal court for a Chinese company accused of infringement. 

oN has worked one-on-one with 150+ startups to elevate their inventions into protectable IP.  For the last four years, he has served as Chief IP Counsel for the European Innovation Academy (EIA) -- where he created and teaches the IP curriculum that has trained over 1,000 startups from around the world.

Before becoming a lawyer, oN earned his M.B.A., and spent a decade launching U.S. hi-tech companies internationally.




  On为超过150家初创企业提供了一对一服务为它们的发明产品提供知识产权保护。在过去四年中,他担任了欧洲创新学院(European Innovation Academy)的首席知识产权法律顾问,他所开设的知识产权课程指导了全世界超1000家初创企业。





Staci Jennifer Riordan

Partner & Leader, Fashion Practice

Los Angeles Office

Fashion Practice,合伙人兼负责人


Staci believes that it is not the design that makes a company successful, but its ability to produce the “right quality” product in the “right way” to the “right customer” at the “right time”, and while avoiding common mistakes. 

This is precisely how she works with top client such as Armani, H&M, Lucky, and Express.  Staci grew-up working in the fashion industry, and is in fact, a fourth generation “fashionista” in her family to work in this industry. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Staci spent nearly a decade managing fashion brands that were sold at stores such as Macys, Victoria Secret, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales. 

Currently, Staci is a Professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, and serves as Executive Director of the school's Fashion Law Project – an academic center that trains entrepreneurs and established brand owners to maximize profitability.



  这正是她与Armani, H&M, Lucky, and Express.这些顶级客户的合作方式。Staci出生于时尚世家,她是家族中从事这一行业的第四代。在成为律师之前,Staci有十多年的时尚品牌管理经验。




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